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InTouch provides secure, trusted communication solutions for real-world applications, integrating advanced services into every message.
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Combining Secure Messaging with Real-World Service Integration our solution redefines trusted communication.

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Secure Messenger

A secure messaging platform that integrates advanced identity and verification services for trusted services communication.

InTouch Message Library

Message Library

A Message Library that integrates diverse services, making your communication more efficient and secure.
InTouch Automations


Robust Automations that streamline workflows by coordinating multiple services for efficient and reliable processes.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Empowering top-tier organisations with our trusted solutions, we strive to lead the way in trusted communication.

Increase Productivity, Increase Trust.

Efficiency and Productivity

InTouch enhances productivity by integrating various services into a single, secure messaging platform. This seamless integration allows you to streamline operations, automate workflows, and manage tasks more efficiently. 

Resource Optimization and Sustainability

InTouch prioritises trust by providing secure, reliable communication solutions that integrate advanced identity and verification services. All interactions are authenticated and secure, enhancing the integrity of your business operations. 

InTouch Service Library

The InTouch Service Library is a powerful tool that brings together various digital services into one seamless platform, enhancing your communication with integrated capabilities.


Services for individuals are designed to verify and authenticate personal identities, ensuring that information is accurate and secure. By confirming the identity of individuals, these services provide organisations and other individuals with a high level of trust when communicating and interacting, reducing the risk of fraud and enhancing the reliability of digital interactions.

InTouch Identity Individuals


Services for organisations focus on validating and verifying information about businesses and institutions. These services provide critical insights into company registration, status, and key personnel, enabling informed decision-making and fostering trust in business transactions.


Asset services encompass a wide range of offerings related to the management and monitoring of physical and digital assets. These services provide tools and integrations to efficiently handle asset-related tasks, ensuring proper tracking, maintenance, and utilisation. Asset services help individuals and organisations manage their resources effectively and securely, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

InTouch Assets

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