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Trusted Asset Record

Ensure your assets, including property and vehicles, are accurately recorded, verified, and securely managed with InTouch.

InTouch Assets Service

Secure and verified management of your properties and vehicles, ensuring accurate records, compliance, and protection of your valuable assets.

InTouch Assets
Trusted Asset Verification

InTouch ensures the security and accuracy of your asset records by integrating third-party verified information and allowing you to capture additional data for effective management. Maintain, resell, and comply with regulations effortlessly with our comprehensive asset management service.

Accurate, Verified, and Secure

InTouch provides a detailed and comprehensive record for each of your assets, combining data from trusted third parties with your own records. This ensures that all information is accurate, up-to-date, and securely stored, allowing for efficient management, maintenance, and compliance of your properties and vehicles.

Core Asset Information

Store essential details about each of your assets, including properties and vehicles. For properties, capture address, property type, size, and usage. For vehicles, include make, model, year, VIN, and registration information. Comprehensive asset profiles are foundational for effective management and decision-making.

Legal Identification

Manage and securely store legal identifiers for all your assets, such as title deeds, registration numbers, zoning certificates for properties, and registration certificates and titles for vehicles. Verified legal documents ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, providing a solid legal standing for your assets.

Ownership Information

Maintain detailed records of ownership for your assets, including information on current and previous owners. Verified ownership data enhances transparency and facilitates smooth transactions, ensuring that ownership history is clear and undisputed.

Regulatory Compliance

Store and manage compliance-related information, such as building permits, inspection reports, safety certifications for properties, and emissions tests and safety certifications for vehicles. This ensures your assets meet all relevant regulations and standards, reducing legal risks and ensuring operational continuity.

Financial Information

Securely store financial details related to your assets, including purchase prices, current valuations, mortgage or loan information, and tax records. Accurate financial data supports budgeting, planning, and investment decisions, providing a clear picture of your assets’ financial health.

Maintenance Records

Keep detailed records of maintenance activities, repairs, and upgrades for your properties and vehicles. Regular maintenance records help ensure the longevity and value of your assets, making it easier to schedule future maintenance and track past repairs.

Third-Party Verification

Store verifications from third-party entities, such as property appraisals, environmental assessments, vehicle inspections, and quality certifications. Verified data points enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of your asset records, providing assurance to stakeholders.


Manage all relevant documents for your assets, including contracts, leases, insurance policies for properties, and insurance policies, service contracts, and warranty information for vehicles. Secure storage and easy access to documentation ensure efficient record-keeping and compliance.

Digital Presence

Track and manage the digital presence of your assets, including online listings, virtual tours for properties, and reviews and service histories for vehicles. This helps maintain a consistent and professional online identity, enhancing visibility and marketability.

Transaction History

Maintain a comprehensive record of all transactions involving your assets, including purchase, sale, lease, and rental history. Documenting transaction history helps in tracking asset performance, understanding market trends, and making informed future transactions.

Customisable Access Control

Control who can access specific asset information, ensuring sensitive data is only shared with trusted parties. Customisable access settings allow you to grant or revoke permissions as needed, providing flexibility and security in managing your asset data.

Benefits of a Trusted Asset Record


Proactive Asset Upkeep

InTouch helps you keep track of all maintenance activities and schedules for your properties and vehicles. Regular maintenance records ensure that your assets remain in top condition, preventing costly repairs and extending their lifespan.



Regulatory Compliance

Easily manage and update compliance-related information for your assets. InTouch helps ensure that your properties and vehicles meet all relevant regulations and standards, reducing legal risks and maintaining good standing with regulatory bodies.



Verified Ownership and History

Maintain detailed records of ownership and transaction history for your assets. Verified data enhances transparency, making it easier to prove ownership and provide a clear history during sales or audits.


Value Maximisation

Optimise Asset Value

Accurate and up-to-date records, including maintenance logs and financial valuations, help you optimise the value of your properties and vehicles. InTouch provides the tools to track asset appreciation and identify opportunities for value enhancement.


Transaction Efficiency

Simplify Buying and Selling

Facilitate smooth and secure transactions for your assets by maintaining comprehensive and verified records. InTouch simplifies the process of buying, selling, and leasing properties and vehicles, reducing the complexity and risk involved.



Centralised Asset Records

Consolidate all information related to your properties and vehicles in one secure platform. InTouch centralises your asset data, making it easily accessible and manageable, and ensuring that all records are consistent and up-to-date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does InTouch help with managing my assets?

InTouch provides a comprehensive platform for managing your properties and vehicles. It allows you to store and verify essential details, track maintenance records, ensure regulatory compliance, and maintain a clear ownership history. This centralised system simplifies asset management and enhances operational efficiency.

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