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Take full control of your personal information and decide who has access to your data, ensuring privacy and security at every step.

InTouch Individuals

Maintain a thorough record of personal information, sourced from trusted services, ensuring accuracy and completeness.

InTouch Individuals Personal Details
Total Control, Verified Data, Trusted Interactions

InTouch enables individuals to manage and control their personal information with complete transparency and security. By maintaining comprehensive and verified profiles, individuals can securely share specific data with trusted organisations, ensuring privacy and accuracy. Take charge of your digital identity, knowing exactly who has access to your information and under what conditions, all while keeping your data protected and up-to-date.

Comprehensive Individual Record

InTouch offers a comprehensive record store for each individual, combining personal data from various verified sources as well as user derived data. This record ensures that all personal information is accurate, up-to-date, and securely stored, allowing individuals to manage and share their data with full control and transparency.

Personal Information

Store essential personal details such as name, date of birth, gender, and nationality. This foundational information helps establish your identity and is critical for various interactions and verifications. Ensuring these details are accurate and up-to-date helps in creating a reliable personal profile.

Identity Documents

Manage and securely store your key identity documents, including passports, driver’s licenses, and social security numbers. These documents are verified for authenticity, providing a robust layer of security and identity validation. Keeping these documents updated and secure is crucial for legal and official purposes.

Biometric Data

Enhance your personal profile with biometric data such as fingerprints and facial recognition. These unique biological traits provide an advanced level of security and help in accurate identity verification, making unauthorised access virtually impossible.

Address Information

Store and verify your residential addresses to ensure that your location information is accurate and current. Verified residential data is essential for various applications, including delivery services, legal documents, and emergency contact details.

Contact Information

Maintain and update your contact details, including phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles. Accurate contact information ensures that you remain accessible and can effectively manage communications with various organisations and services.

Digital Footprint

Track and manage your digital activities and online profiles, including social media accounts and digital interactions. This section helps you maintain a comprehensive view of your digital presence and ensures that your online identity is consistent and protected.

Employment Information

Record and verify your employment history, including job titles, employers, and duration of employment. This verified professional information can be easily shared with potential employers, clients, and networking contacts, ensuring that your career achievements are accurately represented.

Financial Information

Store and protect your financial details such as bank accounts, transaction history, and credit scores. This information is critical for financial planning, credit applications, and secure online transactions. Ensuring its security helps prevent unauthorised access and fraud.


Keep a detailed record of your educational background, including degrees, certifications, and institutions attended. Verified academic credentials are essential for job applications, further education, and professional development, making it easy to prove your qualifications.


Manage your legal documents and records, such as contracts, legal agreements, and court orders. This section ensures that your legal identity is protected and that you have easy access to important legal information when needed for verification or compliance purposes.

Health Information

Store and manage your health information, including medical records, prescriptions, and health insurance details. Full control over this sensitive data allows you to decide who can access your health information, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

Benefits of a Trusted Individual record


Enhanced Data

Your personal data is protected using advanced encryption and security protocols. This ensures that sensitive information, such as identity documents and financial details, remains secure from unauthorised access and cyber threats. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safe and protected.



Complete Control
Over Personal Data

InTouch empowers you to control who has access to your personal information and what specific data they can see. You can grant or revoke access at any time, ensuring that you remain the ultimate custodian of your digital identity. Manage permissions with ease, maintaining privacy and security.



Verified and Reliable

All data stored in your InTouch profile is sourced from verified, reputable entities. This means your personal records are accurate and reliable, reducing the need for repeated verifications and enhancing trust in the information you share with others.



Simplified Data

InTouch provides a user-friendly interface that makes managing your personal information straightforward and hassle-free. Easily update your details, track changes, and monitor who has accessed your data. Enjoy the convenience of having all your personal information in one secure location.




InTouch allows your verified data to be seamlessly integrated with various external services and platforms. Whether it's for banking, healthcare, or employment, your information can be securely shared, eliminating the need for repeated data entry and verification.



Trusted Interactions
and Transactions

By sharing verified data through InTouch, you build trust with merchants, employers, and other organisations. This leads to more efficient transactions and interactions, as your verified information instills confidence and reduces the risk of disputes or errors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does InTouch ensure the security of my personal data?

InTouch employs advanced encryption and security protocols to protect your personal data. All information is stored securely and is only accessible by you and those you authorise. Our systems are designed to safeguard against unauthorised access, cyber threats, and data breaches, ensuring your data remains confidential and secure.

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