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Trusted Organisational Identity

Verified Organisational Profiles for Trusted Operations. Control and Transparency for Organisational Data.
InTouch Organisation Service

By maintaining comprehensive and verified profiles, organisations can ensure compliance, accuracy, and trust.

Complete Control, Verified Data, Trusted Operations

Ensure your organisation's data is accurate, verified, and secure with InTouch. Our service empowers you with full control over your information, fostering trust and transparency. Simplify compliance and governance by maintaining comprehensive, up-to-date records that meet regulatory standards.

Comprehensive Organisational Record

Manage and maintain all critical aspects of your organisation's information with InTouch. Our platform ensures that each core data section is accurately recorded, securely stored, and easily accessible for compliance, governance, and operational efficiency.

Organisation Information

Store essential details such as the organisation’s name, registration number, industry classification, and contact information. This foundational information establishes your organisation’s identity and supports various interactions and verifications. Accurate core details are crucial for building trust and facilitating seamless communication with stakeholders.

Legal Identification

Manage and securely store legal identifiers, including tax identification numbers, business registration certificates, and licenses. These documents are verified for authenticity, ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Proper management of legal identification helps maintain the organisation’s lawful standing in all jurisdictions where it operates.

Ownership Information

Maintain detailed records of ownership structures, including information on shareholders, beneficial owners, and key stakeholders. Verified ownership data enhances transparency and supports regulatory compliance. Clear ownership information is vital for establishing accountability and ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations.

Regulatory Compliance

Store and manage compliance-related information, such as certifications, permits, and audit reports. This section ensures your organisation meets relevant regulations and standards, facilitating smooth operations and legal compliance. Comprehensive compliance records help in passing audits and maintaining a good standing with regulatory bodies.

Financial Information

Securely store financial records, including balance sheets, income statements, and tax filings. This critical financial information supports financial planning, credit applications, and regulatory compliance. Accurate financial data is essential for assessing the organisation’s financial health and demonstrating fiscal responsibility to investors and regulators.

Third-Party Verification

Store verifications and validations from third-party entities, such as credit ratings, quality certifications, and vendor audits. These verified data points enhance your organisation’s credibility and trustworthiness. Leveraging third-party verifications ensures that your partners and clients can trust the integrity of your business operations.

Digital Presence

Track and manage your organisation’s digital presence, including websites, social media profiles, and online reviews. This section helps maintain a consistent and professional online identity. Managing your digital presence is crucial for reputation management and enhancing your brand’s visibility and credibility.

Government and Public Records Check

Perform checks against government and public records to verify your organisation’s compliance and standing. This includes verifying licenses, registrations, and any public notices or filings. Regular public records checks help ensure your organisation remains compliant with legal requirements and avoids potential legal issues.


Keep a detailed record of your educational background, including degrees, certifications, and institutions attended. Verified academic credentials are essential for job applications, further education, and professional development, making it easy to prove your qualifications.

Additional Verification

Manage additional verification requirements based on jurisdiction or industry, such as sector-specific licenses, environmental permits, or local regulatory approvals. This ensures comprehensive compliance tailored to specific needs. Adhering to jurisdiction-specific regulations helps avoid fines and legal disputes, ensuring smooth operational continuity.


Store important documents such as contracts, agreements, and internal policies securely. Ensure easy access to documentation when needed, supporting legal compliance and operational efficiency. Proper management of these records helps in maintaining an organised and reliable information system.

Benefits of a Trusted Organisation record



InTouch provides verified organisational data that boosts credibility with clients, partners, and regulatory bodies. By maintaining accurate and authenticated records, your organisation can build and maintain trust with stakeholders.



Regulatory Compliance

Easily manage and update compliance-related information, ensuring your organisation meets all relevant regulations and standards. Simplified compliance processes help avoid penalties and maintain good standing with regulatory authorities.



Secure Data Management

Safeguard your organisation's critical information with advanced security measures. InTouch ensures that all data is securely stored and protected against unauthorized access, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your records.



Operational Efficiency

Streamline your operations by maintaining well-organised and up-to-date records. Efficient data management helps in making informed decisions, optimising processes, and enhancing overall productivity.



Complete Data Control

Maintain full control over your organisational data, deciding who can access specific information. InTouch empowers you to manage permissions and ensure that sensitive information is only shared with trusted parties.



Seamless Service Integration

Integrate verified organisational data with various external services and platforms effortlessly. InTouch ensures that your information is easily accessible and can be used to enhance interactions with clients and partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does InTouch ensure the security of our organisational data?

InTouch employs strong encryption and security protocols to protect your organisational data. All information is securely stored and is only accessible by authorised users. Our systems are designed to safeguard against unauthorised access, cyber threats, and data breaches, ensuring your data remains confidential and secure.

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