Streamlining Citizen Services with InTouch Workflows for a Major Municipality


A major municipality in South Africa has successfully integrated InTouch’s KYC and Bank Account Verification workflows into their internal systems. This integration aims to streamline and secure the process of verifying the identities and bank account details of citizens applying for various municipal services. By leveraging InTouch’s advanced workflows, the municipality has enhanced its ability to manage citizen data accurately, comply with regulatory requirements, and prevent fraud. The seamless automation of these processes has significantly improved the operational efficiency of the municipality and the overall experience for the citizens it serves.

The Challenge

Managing the application process for municipal services involves a complex and often cumbersome verification process. The municipality faced several key challenges that hindered their ability to provide efficient and secure services to their citizens:

  1. Manual Verification Processes – The traditional methods for verifying citizen identities and bank account details were largely manual. This not only introduced a high risk of human error but also led to significant delays in service delivery. The manual nature of the process created bottlenecks, slowing down the overall workflow and affecting the timeliness of service provision.
  2. Compliance with Regulations – The municipality needed to ensure that all citizen data was verified in accordance with stringent regulatory requirements. Compliance with KYC regulations and other data protection laws was essential to avoid legal penalties and to maintain the integrity of municipal operations. However, managing compliance manually was labor-intensive and prone to oversight.
  3. Fraud Prevention – Protecting the municipality from fraud was a major concern. Instances of identity theft, submission of false bank account information, and other fraudulent activities posed significant risks. The municipality needed a reliable method to verify the authenticity of citizen information to safeguard its operations and public funds.
  4. Operational Efficiency – The existing verification processes were time-consuming and resource-intensive, diverting staff from more strategic tasks. The municipality sought to streamline these processes to reduce administrative overhead and improve the efficiency of service delivery, thereby allowing staff to focus on more critical areas of their work.
  5. Citizen Experience – Enhancing the experience for citizens applying for municipal services was a critical goal. Lengthy verification times and the potential for errors in their applications led to frustration and diminished trust in the municipality’s services. Improving the speed and accuracy of these processes was essential for maintaining citizen satisfaction and trust.

To address these challenges, the municipality required a solution that could automate and streamline their verification processes, ensure data accuracy, comply with regulations, and prevent fraud, ultimately enhancing both operational efficiency and citizen experience.

The Solution

The integration of InTouch’s KYC and Bank Account Verification workflows into the municipality’s internal systems provided a robust solution to these challenges. Key components of the solution included,

  1. Automated KYC Workflow – InTouch’s KYC workflow enables the municipality to verify the identities of citizens applying for services quickly and accurately. This automated process cross-references citizen information against trusted data sources, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and significantly reducing the risk of identity fraud.
  2. Bank Account Verification Workflow – The InTouch Bank Account Verification workflow validates the bank account details provided by citizens. This ensures that the bank accounts are legitimate and belong to the applicants, preventing fraudulent activities and ensuring secure financial transactions.
  3. Seamless Integration – The InTouch workflows were seamlessly integrated into the municipality’s existing systems through robust APIs. This integration allowed for real-time data verification and automatic updates to citizen profiles, ensuring that all information is accurate and current.
  4. User Training and Support – Comprehensive training and support were provided to the municipality staff to ensure they could effectively utilise the new capabilities without any learning curve.


The integration of InTouch workflows into the municipality’s internal systems has delivered significant benefits across various aspects of their operations:

Enhanced compliance has been a major outcome of this integration. The automated KYC and bank account verification processes ensure that all citizen data is verified in accordance with regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance and the associated penalties.

Operational efficiency has seen a remarkable boost. The manual, error-prone verification processes have been replaced with automated workflows, allowing municipal staff to focus on delivering value-added services to citizens. This has resulted in a noticeable increase in productivity and a reduction in administrative overhead.

The accuracy and reliability of citizen data have significantly improved. With InTouch’s automated workflows, data is verified and updated in real-time, ensuring that citizen profiles are always current and correct. This accuracy is crucial for making informed decisions and providing high-quality services to citizens.

Fraud prevention has been greatly enhanced through the use of InTouch’s robust verification tools. By ensuring that all citizen identities and bank accounts are thoroughly verified, the risk of fraudulent activities has been substantially reduced. This added layer of security protects both the municipality and its citizens from potential fraud.

The integration has led to an improved citizen experience. Citizens benefit from faster service application processes, accurate and up-to-date profiles, and the assurance that their municipality is using state-of-the-art verification methods to protect their data. This has led to higher levels of citizen trust and satisfaction, reinforcing the municipality’s reputation for reliability and security.

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